Saudi Agriculture 2019

Maximize poultry production

During Saudi Agriculture 2019, Jansen Poultry Equipment will present various solutions for breeder and broiler production. After all, a sufficient broiler production starts with the use of first-class hatching eggs.

Maximum hatching results
Achieving a maximum production of high quality eggs is determined by a few factors. Quality of the breeders, climate control, flock management, and of course the right equipment.

The right equipment, that’s our speciality. Jansen Poultry Equipment developed the first automatic laying nest over 30 years ago. Nowadays, the Premium+ laying nest still is the best-selling nest around the world.
Its high nest acceptance, minimal amount of floor eggs and use of high quality materials are reasons why many farmers world-wide favour the Premium+ laying nest.
The nest is designed to stimulate natural behaviour of the hens and to provide hens with a comfortable and hygienic environment to lay eggs.
The specially designed nest mats have an open structure and therefore prevent dirt accumulation in the nest. The mats also make minimal contact with the egg, which preserves the quality of the egg even more. An expel system prevents hens from roosting in the nest by night and also prevents unnecessary contamination.

The slightly sloped nest mats allow eggs to roll onto the egg belt directly after lay. Hens do not get the chance to contaminate or damage eggs. Direct removal of eggs out of the nest also prevents temperature fluctuation of the egg caused by hens moving in and out of the nest. The integrated perforated egg belt ensures a safe transport of eggs.

The revolution of healthy broiler production
The health and quality of broiler chicks is among others determined by the quality of the hatching eggs, but keeping the health and quality up during a round can be a challenge. Again, climate control, flock management and of course the right equipment are very important factors for maximizing broiler production.

The BroMaxx broiler colony system is a revolutionary system, specially designed to ensure a healthy, uniform broiler flock with first-class meat quality. The hygienic slats and integrated manure belt create a healthy living environment and reduce antibiotic-use to an absolute minimum. The slats provide the right support for the birds and the patented anti-spill feed pan contributes to an optimal Feed Conversion Rate. The ideal dimensions and layout of the BroMaxx allow maximum bird density and ensure significant labour savings during harvesting.


Come meet our team during Saudi Agriculture 2019 and find out what Jansen Poultry Equipment can do to maximize your poultry production. We look forward to seeing you at booth 150 – H2.

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Event details

  • OrganisationRiyadh Exhibitions Company
  • WhereRiyadh, SA
  • When21 October 2019 - 24 October 2019

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